President's Message

Welcome Back!

I hope you all had an enjoyable summer and continue to enjoy the wonderful days of Fall that are now upon us.  As we embark on a new year for BPW Brampton, we are reaching out to our members and asking the following questions:

1.  What goals would you like to see BPW Brampton accomplish this year?

2.  What are your own personal goals as a BPW Brampton member?

3.  How do you want to be engaged with the club?

  The Executive Committee has been working on a 3-year Business Plan and has identified a list of priorities for this year, which will give opportunities for members to become involved in a way that works best for them and still contributes to the goals BPW Brampton has set out to achieve. 

  “Engagement” is the theme and expectation of members for this year.   It's not about how much, but where and when a member can become engaged, which can be achieved by some of the following examples:

1.  Answering the questions posed above via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ;

2.  Attending monthly meetings, sub-committee meetings and/or ad hoc round table meetings.

3.  Introducing and/or bringing a friend to one of our monthly meetings.

4.  Connecting the club to resources such as potential speakers for one of our meetings, or to a student volunteer with an interest in web design and/or social media.

5.  Do you know a woman owned and operated small business that we could promote in our social media? and/or

6.  Joining a sub-committee (i.e.  Resolutions, Fundraising, Social Media, Mentorship, or Programs).

  The next year is going to present many opportunities for members both current and new, for personal growth, as well as opportunities to contribute their own talent, experience, knowledge, and/or relevant connections they have to the club and its members.  There really is no telling where we can take our club when we all commit to becoming engaged!

  Looking forward to an engaging year ahead!


Lynne Taylor