KIVA Project

Amanda Graham-Rowe, BPW Brampton, Second Vice President and International Affairs Chair is spear heading the club’s international project with KIVA.

KIVA is an international nonprofit with a mission to expand financial access to help underserviced communities thrive. Kiva provides fair access to capital to create economic opportunity and financial stability for themselves and their families. Through Kiva’s work, women and girls can pay for tuition, women can start businesses, farmers are able to invest in equipment and families can afford needed emergency care.

While individual lenders are repaid the money they contribute to a borrower’s loan, they do not receive any additional interest on the loan. It is a philanthropic effort, though the potential to relend after a loan has been repaid has far more impact than a donation.

This year, BPW Brampton has selected and funded two loans of $250 each through Kiva as part of our efforts to support Women internationally who are also positively impacting the communities in which they live.  Details of our current loans are below. 

Nazava Water Filters – Indonesia  

Expanding the production and sales of water filters for safe drinking water in Indonesia.

Nazava Water Filters was founded in Indonesia in 2009 to provide safe drinking water to lower-income households, by producing and selling affordable, yet high-quality household water filters. To date, Nazava has provided 265,000 water filters to low-income communities.

Nazava is expecting high demand in Indonesia and needs sufficient inventory. This loan will help pre-order 40,000 full systems and will supply an additional 200,000 people with access to safe drinking water.

BPW Brampton has funded $250 of the fully funded $50,000.  This loan is expected to be repaid by June 2024

Sustainable Artisan Development Project – Peru

Sustainable Artisan Development Project - Peru

Providing training, market access, and higher incomes for 250+ artisans in Peru.

Artisans in Peru, particularly those in indigenous communities, face limited economic opportunities and struggle to earn sustainable income because the industry operates in an informal and unregulated manner, often leading to inconsistent product quality, inefficiencies, and lack of resources. Women artisans face additional challenges related to balancing their craftwork with their domestic responsibilities.  

This Northern Peruvian company merges smart design practices with social innovation to create handmade goods in partnership with local craft communities.  They help establish businesses and enables a home-work economy, allowing women to continue their work while fulfilling their caregiving roles.  These services assist in bringing a 25% increase in extra monthly household earnings for artisans living in extreme poverty..   

Still in the fundraising stage, BPW Brampton has funded $250 of the requested $50,000 loan.  The loan repayment is estimated to be over 26 months.